Relaxed From Head to Toe: Why Choose A Thai Foot Massage - Northwich Foot Clinic

Foot reflexology can be considered a form of massage therapy where pressure is applied to specific areas of the foot. This improves overall health and can reduce pain. In Thailand other objects such as wooden sticks can be used to press on the foot points. These points relate to every part of the body. Doing foot reflex the therapist can analyse the points to identify which parts of the body are not in balance, including identification of what organs are not functioning effectively. It also balances the body on an energetic level, as the energy lines are being stimulated. This provides the desired outcome of a more balanced body and better well being. It can help the muscles release deeply, stimulate blood flow and the lymphatic system, balance hormones and the organs allowing a detoxifying affect to take place where toxins are excreted from the body.