The Tibetan singing bowl is a powerful tool to create a high vibrational frequency to heal our mind, body, and soul. The sound of Tibetan bowls makes brain waves move into Theta waves, which is a meditative state. It’s a deep level of relaxation that enables body and mind to restore themselves during or after illness. Moreover, it can balance your energy system (chakra system), impact the nervous system, engage your relaxation reflex, release stress or pain, and induce an altered state of consciousness.   .

The aim of sound therapy is to enable your mind and physical self to return to a state of calm (parasympathetic), so as to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, along with auto immune imbalances within the body and rebalance the energy field (aura). It uses sound waves to relax the body by vibrating through the air to the energy field and physical body. High frequency sound makes changes to the brain waves, organs, blood molecule and restores every single cell in the body whilst in a trance state. The process that we go through within any given session, enables you to switch off, allow time for stillness, clear the ‘mind chatter’ and instil relaxation, with many other added benefits during this process. During sound therapy sessions, you often experience this deeply relaxing effect, upon the mind, whereby the brainwave frequencies slow down, enabling the whole self to rest and rejuvenate, returning you to a state of calm, leading to an improvement in your overall health and wellbeing.