Transformation Course

We would introduce Master Minh Tran with his unique course named Transformation. This one belongs to the 7-day Vietnam Fire Gathering Event:

A beautiful change always starts with a concrete Transformation.

– Time: From June 12, 2023 to June 15, 2023. (In four days).
– Address: Nam Cat Tien Park, Dong Nai, Viet Nam. (Bus transfers from Saigon to Nam Cat Tien).
– Tuition Fee: 11.215.000 VND

* Note: The above fee included: 4 nights at the resort and all activities that belong to the Vietnam Fire Gathering Events: Connect and Heal Relationship with Ancestors, Motherland healing and connecting Rituals, Wisdom Talk Series with Council every night, Qigong practice every morning, and incredible things are waiting for you!

– If you want to discover yourself deeply, join the Transformation course –

The course helps you to develop your sensitive intuition to touch the Truth, have the inner power to change your life, and have the stability to let go of games of the mind. Come and experience it!

The Transformation Course – Master Minh Tran


– Opening a divine space for the workshop
– The Rituals of Connecting with spiritual guides
– Introduce yourself in a participant circle
– Awareness of your breath for health and healing
– The mechanism and Breathing Techniques help to release a blockage of our physical body.
– The Shamanic holotropic breathwork
– The Inner Child healing
– The Soul fragment summoning
– Participants share experiences
– Closing a sacred space on Day 1


– Opening a sacred space for day 2 (Meditation, Q and A, sharing experiences, and putting the right intention to heal in a circle.)
– The fifth chakra.
– The Power of Voice
– Release blockages at the fifth chakra
– The healing mechanism for the sound of a voice
– Release energy blockages of the heart, lungs, kidneys, stomach, and livers with sounds and breath.
– Participants share experiences
– Closing a sacred space on Day 2


– Opening a sacred space for Day 3
– The effect of blockages on our health and their symptom
– Release the stuck emotions with the shamanic journey
– Healing by allowing ourselves to let go of wrong intentions, self-destructive behaviors
– Learn how to forgive ourselves with the shamanic path
– Participants share experiences
– Closing a sacred space on Day 3


– Opening a sacred space for Day 4
– Healing with dynamic meditation
– Release the stuck energy in chakras
– Activating the energy-breathing tube to receive Motherland and Godfather
– Activate our hearts with a shamanic journey
– Participants share experiences
– Closing a sacred space Day 4

Love & Peace
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