Art therapy class teacher

Nihato Hang Nguyen’s Abstract Healing Energy Paintings. Nihato is a Siam Reiki Master and for many years has been organizing training courses for the community that focus on physical and mental health improvements, health, nutrition, yoga, meditation, and body and mind retreats. In the healing field she is known for the Mirror Healing of Relationships Course, co-created with Hanoi’s Life School teacher Frederic Labarthe and The Sowing into Nature course. In recent years, Nihato started on the path of creating healing paintings, which involves using paintings to heal oneself and others. Now Nihato’s Healing Through Art includes basic and advanced courses, and demonstration workshops that have appealed to a lot of people interested in or active in the field of healing. The Abstract Healing Energy paintings created during these courses are also gaining special attention due to the energy value they bring to the spaces they occupy.

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