Herb doctor

Mr Prasert Phoomsing

Now at the young age of 70 years his personal experiences and knowledge extends back to the years he was just 16 years old with his Grandfather. Learning about plants and animals and how to use them for healing.  Many people went to his Grandfather for help and how he helped heal people of illnesses in all age groups of children and adults.

Mr Prasert’s Grandfather died leaving a bag of herbs and Prasert did not know how to mix them to make medicine or to make them work best. Then it was Prasert’s uncle that taught him how to mix the herbs.

Mr Prasert needed to know the best way to cook, prepare the herbs as some cooked good and others did not, so like being a chef. Then how to put the herbs together to get good results. Learning and doing built experience that lead Prasert to teaching herb healing at Universities and being guest speaker on many occasions due to his knowledge and experience.

President of Wisdom Traditional Doctors Association in Ubon Ratchathani Province, traveling to China learning and comparing Chinese and Thai herbal knowledge with an active role in the communities and villages healing people of Cancer and other illnesses with Traditional Thai Herb Wisdom.

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