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Devoloping Psychic Awareness – DPA

  7 day transformational meditation course.   This progressive meditation takes place over 30 sessions, each session further activating the Third Eye to increase psychic awareness.   For sensitives and healers, this course will develop a set of psychic skills which can be used on an everyday basis.  Learning Outcomes * Different levels of consciousness   * How to reach the […]

How To See The Aura

  Module Name: How to see the Aura      Module Code: TBHSA Module Duration: 2 Days 16 Hours Maximum Participants: 10    Pre-Requisites: Not Required Deliver Methods: Guided by Trainer in Progressive Training Methods of evaluation. Assessment Method: Ongoing assessment with (Verbal, Demonstration including Psychic evaluations) Learning Outcomes: ​*Breathing exercises to activate the Ajna (Third Eye)*Eye exercises, muscle training*Psychotherapy of energy and the affects […]

Siam Reiki Level 1

  Reiki is a powerful energy transfer therapy. It is a hands-on healing technique which works by expanding the chakras and aura. This in turn intensifies the vibrational frequency of the recipient, promoting a healthier mind, body and spirit. Siam Reiki® has developed high quality standards to ensure all his students that they are safely channeling the highest amount […]